Liquid Spill On Laptop

Nothing could be devastating, as spilling water on the laptop could hinder the entire functioning of the laptop. It could also result in the loss of saved files and work and incur a huge repair cost. Most of us also tend to panic as soon as we spill a glass of water on the keys of a delicate device. Do not stress out, for this will only worsen the situation. Try the following hacks to recover your laptop from the spillover.

What Should You do After Drenching Your Laptop with Water?

If you have accidentally spilled water on the laptop screen or the keyboard, turn off the device immediately. Unplug the laptop and hold on to the power button for at least 5 seconds or longer so that it shuts down completely. Turning off the laptop immediately is important, as leaving it on could trigger a short circuit or result in other serious damages.

After turning off the laptop, remove the battery. In some models, the battery can be removed by loosening the battery latch at the rear. Some laptop models require the user to unscrew the backplate to access the battery. Check the battery for wetness; if it is still wet, it is not safe to use, and it has to be replaced immediately.

Dry and drain your laptop immediately, as quickly and carefully as possible. You could use a towel or a hair dryer to absorb the moisture. But the fact is that no amount of such effort will get the laptop functioning to its original mode. Stuffing the laptop in a bag of rice, and drying it using towels and hair dryers, can ward off the water and the wetness, but will they guarantee the laptop’s functioning as before? It is a million-dollar question.

So what should you do? As soon as you have spilled water on the laptop, as a precautionary method and to avoid further damage, shut down the computer and take it to the closest repair shop at the earliest. You may think the laptop will continue to work once it has completely dried off the water. It might continue working for a day or two until the problem is solved. But internally, the delicate laptop parts will undergo corrosion and kill all its components one by one until it is too late to fix the laptop.

Bottom Line

Suppose you have accidently spilled water or any other liquid on the laptop. In that case, you must first shut down the device and disconnect the related peripherals, such as the external keyboard, mouse, or printer. Please remove the battery, clean the visible wet surface, and bring it to Computer Emergency Room. We are experts in handling any spill on the laptop surface and have dealt with spills of water, milk, wine, chocolate, coffee, and even seawater. We are experts in handling all brands of laptops and cleaning them with the state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning process to ensure that the systems return to life quickly and completely.

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